What Is tangobuyback.com? plus
tangobuyback.com is a platform where you can Sell Now & Buyback your old / used gadgets like Laptops, Smart Phones, Smart Watches and much more for real money.
How Do I Sell My Gadget on tangobuyback.com? plus
Search for your device through our on-page filter and our automated system will quote a price for your device, make a quote on platform, and visit our stores. Our expert will check and asses the device and pay you accordingly on the spot.
What Is Sell Now & Buyback? plus
Its best option we have instead of selling your favorite device convert that into cash meaning you will sell the device but you can Buyback on or before 30 days by paying our service & storage charges.
What If I Can’t Manage to Buy Again? plus
No worries, be relax you can still get your favorite device. you can pay our service charges and extend to another month.
How I Can Assure My Device Is Safe Or No One Use That? plus
We respect our customers privacy, once you make a deal. our store in-charge person will keep your phone in secure envelope with bar-code which cannot be tempered till you Buyback your device.
How Do You Determine the Price for My Device? plus
The price of a device depends on the overall quality and condition of the device. We examine your device to check if it is in order and, based on it we determine its price.
Why Did I Get Paid Less Than the Quote? plus
Sometimes the information given by the seller doesn’t match the physical condition of the device. This results in reduction in the price of the device. To understand the terms better, kindly read the guidelines carefully while selecting your phone’s specifications. And feel free to contact us in case of any difficulty.
What If Your Agent Damages My Phone? plus
We will never damage a product that we buy. Rest assured that your phone is in safe hands.
If My Model Is Not Available on tangobuyback.com, How Do I Sell It? plus
Can’t find your phone’s model on tangobuyback.com? WhatsApp us +971-555837078 with details about the brand, model, configuration and we will get back to you ASAP with the quote.
What Identity Proof Required? plus
We need valid id proof whether its Emirates ID, Passport or Driving License.
What If During Assessment the Condition of The Gadget Doesn’t Match to The One, I Provided on tangobuyback.com? plus
Under such circumstances, our representative will examine the device condition physically and technically after that based on condition you will get the price. If you agree, then we will pay you amount on the spot. You may also choose to discontinue our service if the quoted value is not up to your mark, without any risk of paying.
I Bought a Phone from The USA Or Any Other Country and Now Want to Sell It. Will You Buy It and Do You Buy Locked Phones? plus
We buy gadgets which you bought outside uae but we don’t consider it in warranty even if you have a valid bill with it. This is because most gadgets bought outside uae have warranty valid in the country of origin and not in uae. Also, we don’t buy locked phone or cdma phones.
Where Can I Buy a Second-Hand Phone? plus
You can find second-hand phones at our stores. BSW General Trading LLC or TangoPlus General Trading LLC
Why Isn’t My Device Listed? plus
Some devices don’t sell anymore. This is either because they’re not relevant anymore or they’re too old (such as flip and qwerty phones). Although we love the moto flip, its irrelevance makes us unable to buy it.
Is Your Service Available Throughout UAE? plus
We’re working hard to reach all emirates. Keep showing us your love and we might just come to your place first. Currently we are operating in Dubai only.
How Do I Become a Partner or A Re-Seller with tangobuyback.com? plus
We are expanding our operations day by day, and we welcome partners to join us across the middle east & Africa region. You can reach us by writing in to info@tangodxb.com and sharing your name, email address, phone number & location. We will get back to you once we get these details.
Should I Delete All Data from My Device Before Giving It to You? plus
We recommend you to delete all the personal data and to remove the sim and memory card from your phone. But, just in case you haven’t, then it’s not a problem at all. Because, before going ahead with any further procedure, we make sure that our technical expert has wiped out all the available data from the device.
Should I Format My Phone Before Sell? plus
We recommend that you don’t format the phone until you receive the payment. Once payment is done, you can format the phone and hand over the phone to tangobuyback.com executive.
Where Can I Reach You for Prompt Resolution of Queries or Complaints? plus
You can either reach us at info@tangodxb.com or +971-555837078
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